Coping skills in adolescence, at scale

Self-care application to help kids thrive.

Personalized health intelligence, without a profile.


Growing up is hard, but AI can help teens thrive.


Teens and young adults are struggling - more than 70% see mental health as a big issue amongst their peers - but they are also seeking help. In just 5 years, students who visited counseling centers increased by more than 30%.

Schools and communities are struggling to keep up with the demand, especially with student media consumption coming 74% outside of the classroom. Copeify delivers the teen health intelligence to thrive.


Copeify is the app for teens, conceived by teenager Ana Bartkiewicz, to consume healthy media in a secure & profile-free app.

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Intelligence to Self-Care

Copeify brings personalized, AI-driven wellness content to schools and communities, developing resilience for young people 13-23 years old. Activate the source for verified articles, stories, photos, and videos around the 10 areas to thrive.


Designed for teens, activated by administrators

Copeify’s personalized, AI-driven platform is used by schools and communities to scale counseling support. The app delivers personalized, healthy content in an anonymous environment designed just for teens. The unique blend of media, security, and private communication builds trust in those critical years of adolescence.

Based on 30 years of research, Copeify leverages automation and algorithms to contextualize and personalize a safe environment for teens to explore their mental health so communities can provide support whenever, wherever.


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Better health, at scale

Secure and profile-free to build trust, the AI-driven Copeify app is designed to help teenagers gain perspective and learn in a safe and secure mobile medium.

Copeify App - CopeIQ


Track progress, moods, and mental health in a safe space. CopeIQ purposefully gamifies sustained learning, growth, and measurement.

Copeify App - Cope Connect


Securely chat with school counselors, experts, or therapists. CopeConnect enables 1-1 mobile support for administrators & communities.

Copeify App - BleachID


Explore mental health topics freely. Patent-pending BleachID personalizes content without storing personally identifying information.

How teens use Copeify, all in a secure & profile-free app

Dealing with school, friends, and the future is tough. Copeify is a digital safe space with absolutely no profile or identifying information. You can browse any topics around health and the search data won’t be traced back to you. If you’re having a rough day or month, you can also chat privately with your administrator or counselor. When you’re ready, you can move chats from in the Copeify app to their office at school.

Teens can get by with Copeify.

Copeify App - For Teens & Schools

Build lifelong skills

“Teenagers are…in an era of non stop information overload, and they need help developing coping strategies.” – Lynn Bufka, American Psychological Association

Copeify App - High Schools

For High Schools

Works alongside your existing counseling programs to provide better support and meet students where they are, online.

Copeify App - Colleges & Universities

For Colleges & Universities

Helps you scale support as demand increases and provides effective mental health resources on and off campus.

Copeify App - Medical Providers

For Medical Providers

Reduces high-cost treatments now and later, while fostering learning about emotional and physical well-being.

Copeify AI algorithms pull from verified content sources

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Copeify App - About Us

A unique blend of motivation & automation

Copeify was conceived by high school junior, Ana Bartkiewicz, and her father, Drew Bartkiewicz, a combat veteran and West Point graduate to build coping skills in nine key areas of growth, all within a private, mobile medium.

Copeify is a is a Patriapps company, founded to create a positive and profitable impact.


Bring Copeify to low-income schools across the U.S.

Brand sponsors gain visibility in the only app designed to build coping skills in teens and give Copeify to up to 20,000 students in need.