Coping in adolescence is an achievable skill, at scale.

Copeify brings anonymized AI learning and an instant "CopeConnect" to help develop resilience for adolescence, and for life.

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From the mind of a girl


Copeify was conceived by high school junior, Ana Bartkiewicz and her father, a combat veteran and West Point graduate, to deliver personalized content and courageous context to teenagers, all in a private mobile medium.   



Copeify soon developed as an anonymous and profile-free health application to increase coping and calming skills for young people.  No email, profile or registration is required to receive a personalized experience.



Copeify massively scans, filters and personalizes enriching content for building resilience,  critical years of adolescence from 13 to 23 years old.  The content flows into the 9 major fields of coping and resilience. 

Science based


 The Copeify data and delivery models are founded on the last 30 years of research for mental fitness, and Copeify's mission aligns with curriculums at organizations like the United States Military Academy and Yale University 



 Copeify uses continually learning automation and algorithms to contextualize and personalize a safe and stunning environment for members to consume positive, personally relevant media for coping.  Alerts and notifications are timed based on maximum chance of absorption. 



  Copeify designers understand that  measurement and feedback are essential developing personal fortitude. Copeify continually updates the personalized “CopeIQ” display that blends behavioral and consumption data, for the growth and progress in individual member development.

An App to Train Your Brain to Overcome

Building Resilience


Copeify was developed by a select group of psychologists, veterans, educators and technology leaders. Our mission is to increase resilience and courage in young people through personalized, healthy information to every young person with a smart phone.

No Profile Needed


   Copeify delivers a patent-pending method, called BleachID, to personalize digital experiences for individuals, without storing personally identifiable information of any members on the server. This profile-free environment extends machine learning and data visualization to purposefully “gamify” a sustained learning, growth and measurement experience for members. 

Principled Technology, Proflile Free


Copeify is another mission made by veteran founded venture studio, Patriapps.  We use principles in software, and the delivery of intelligent content to increase the resilience and resolve in young people to help navigate the difficult years of adolescence.   The Patriapps Company is veteran founded and operated by veterans who believe in "coding with honor."

Human Centric Information Science

Content to Make Adolescence Powerful


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that teenagers can experience. Through a deep understanding of youth psychology and emotional intelligence, Copeify is designed to help teenagers recover motivation, perspective and joy that should come with the mission of growing up.




 Most adolescents experience the ups and downs of just growing up.  Anxiety, fear and hopelessness some of the many long term emotions that can linger through the informative years.  Copeify helps people climb those hills with personalized and mood-centric content to help growing up.  The contagious impact of Copeify?  When we believe we can, we start to help others believe they can, too. 



Coping is a mind sport, a personal domain to overcome and thrive in the early years of life.  With a machine learning dynamic, Copeify is the virtual agent for a young person the enrich their mindfulness.  The app is designed with psychologists, educators and humanists to deliver contextual content, personalized media and timely notifications to train the thrive.

Impact Applications for the World

Copeify is a Patriapps Brand


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