Coping skills in adolescence, at scale

Self-care application to help kids thrive.

Personalized health intelligence, without a profile.


Resilience begins when we are young.

Developed by doctors, psychologists, veterans and educators, Copeify uses machine learning and stunning science to bring the motivation and smart messages to help kids become more resilient, balanced and healthy.

Resilience is a cognitive condition for anyone, an acquired practice and a necessity, in an increasingly complex world. Copeify makes growing up something more relatable, educational and even achievable through a unique mix of algorithms and elegance, science and substance. Think of Copeify as the intersection of a school nurse, a motivational speaker and quiet confidant that improves the state of wellness for a young person.


Copeify is the smart app for teens and teachers, to deliver motivational and meaningful content for complete wellness, to grow personal resilience.

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Copeify App - Motivation & Tracking
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Designed for teens and teachers, activated by administrators

Copeify’s personalized, AI-driven platform is used by students and faculty to foster self-care skills, improve health and increase personal resilience.

The intelligent app delivers personalized, healthy content in an anonymous environment designed just for teens and their teachers. The unique blend of machine learning, motivational messaging and anonymous delivery builds trust in those critical years of adolescence.

Based on 30 years of research, Copeify leverages automation and algorithms to contextualize and personalize a healthy and motivational experience for teens, to learn about health and life-skills, in a stunning and simple mobile experience.


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Copeify App - AI & Machine Learning

Intelligence for Resilience

Copeify brings personalized, AI-driven wellness and personal development content for young people 13-23 years old, their parents and teachers. Developed by experts in education, psychology and human performance, Copeify delivers verified and curated articles, stories and videos to help our youth thrive.

Self-care is the 2020 national mandate for all kids!


Better health, at scale

Secure and profile-free to build trust, the AI-driven Copeify app is designed to help teenagers gain perspective and learn in a safe and secure mobile medium.

Copeify App - CopeIQ


Track progress and personal health intelligence in a profile-free and stress free experience. CopeIQ encourages sustained learning about health and life skills, which support learning and self-confidence.

Copeify App - Cope Connect


Securely chat with an assigned school admin who can answer questions about school resources or other aspects of the school health program. CopeConnect enables 1-1 chat for easy exchanges of questions or ideas.

Copeify App - BleachID


Explore health, wellness and leadership topics freely. Our patent-pending BleachID personalizes content without storing any personally identifying information, ever! Copeify is as great a resource for students as it is for teachers.


Copeify AI algorithms pull and personalize from verified content sources

Copeify App - Media Partners

Supporting lifelong skills, filtered and friendly

“Teenagers are…in an era of non stop information overload, and they need help developing coping strategies.” – Lynn Bufka, American Psychological Association

Copeify App - High Schools

For High Schools

Works alongside your existing health and wellness programs to provide more touch points and tips to the students and staff, in the mobile medium where most kids are.

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Copeify App - Colleges & Universities

For Colleges & Universities

Helps you scale student self-care programs and health content, as a valuable out-of-class resource for young adults to learn health, wellness and resilience skills.

Copeify App - Medical Providers

For Any Team Needing Intelligence

Copeify is designed for the intersection of the motivational and the informational, as the wellness agent what works for your team, of any age.

Learning self-care and growing resilience.

Members can browse any topics around health and wellness in a stress-free, no profile needed experience.

Copeify App - For Teens & Schools
If we can use software to help support life skills and self-care, then we give our youth a better foundation of resilience.
— Andrea Jung, Grameen America

Help support Copeify for low-income schools across the U.S. and the world

Brand sponsors gain visibility in the only app designed to build coping skills in teens and activate Copeify for students in need. We can reduce the impact of SDOH by delivering health and wellness intelligence to every corner of society.