Copeify delivers support in 10 key areas to develop self-care


Copeify is the AI-driven source for verified articles, stories, health information, and videos around the 10 essential topics for kids to thrive.




It's clear that exercise supports physical health, but studies also show that teens who play team sports have less stress and depression as young adults. Teens who exercise gain confidence, judgment skills, as well as increased cognitive function.




Research shows that about half of all American children experience the breakup of a parent’s marriage and family life can be stressful. Copeify delivers healthy content on how to manage family tension or stress.




Food is a consistent source of stress for many Americans, but 95% of people who suffer from eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25. Copeify supports healthy eating habits and practices.




Dynamics of adolescent friendships are shifting. 57% of teens have met a new friend online and 29% say they have made more than 5 friends online. Copeify is a neutral place to learn how to manage friendships on and offline.




Research suggests that happiness and community plays a large role in a student’s ability to learn and grow. Effectively managing stress, anxiety, and hardship is a huge driver of lifelong happiness.




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 82% of teens are in good health, but 20% are obese. Copeify supports whole-person health, starting at a young age.




Society needs leadership now more than ever. Copeify supports the development of problem-solving and decision-making skills at a young age to support teens school and beyond.




A recent study reported that 45% of teens say they are stressed “all the time.” Mindfulness through Copeify can help anyone regain control and and build resilience to tough situations.




Kids are more anxious about tests and grades than ever before, but it’s estimated that there’s only one school psychologist for every 1,381 students. Copeify provides additional support outside of school walls.




Studies show that 87% of high school students get far less than the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, and the amount of time they sleep is decreasing. Copeify motivates teens to stay healthy and avoid sleep deprivation, which can have negative consequences on mental and physical health.


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