Personalized AI for Resilience

Copeify delivers smart content for health, mindfulness, confidence and personal development, with absolutely no profile or identifying information. Teens can browse any topics around health and receive daily affirmations and recommendations for personal development and well-being. The Copeify algorithms also adjust content based on mood and discovery channels, always informing the member with healthy, relevant and motivational messaging.

Copeify Technology - Cope Meter

The Goals of Copeify Software

  • Help people develop better self-care knowledge and skills

  • Develop leadership and empathy skills to help others overcome

  • Expose kids to a healthier set of intelligence for nutrition, exercise and basic life skills

  • Remind kids of the importance to build personal resilience and readiness for life

  • Motivate young people to overcome obstacles, scarcity and adversity

  • Increase diversity of content that shows examples of leadership, character, and mindfulness, all to help kids build a better foundation for life

Copeify Technology - CopeConnect+


Schools, universities, and facilities can have direct mobile interaction with their communities through the 1-1 chat in-app chat.

Provides a channel to students, where they are.

With CopeConnect+, members can anonymously connect with an outside specialist assigned by the school or enabled by Copeify.

Copeify Technology - Artificial Intelligence, Painly

Artificial Intelligence

- Machine learning delivers a consumable source for self-measurement

- Connects disparate nodes of structured and unstructured content, making it relevant and easy

- Continually provides healthy content and filters out media that’s fake, harmful or unhelpful

Copeify Technology - Mental Health Management

Developing Resilience

CopeIQ provides simple measurement and feedback

Helps a person track their progress against their community

Always anonymous and stress-fee from having to post or participate


Copeify builds on all domains of resilience to build coping skills in teens