Personalized AI for teens

Copeify is a digital safe space with absolutely no profile or identifying information. Teens can browse any topics around health and the search data won’t be traced back to the individual member. The app was conceived by a teenager, Ana Bartkiewicz, who saw the need an anonymous solution to increase the coping skills for kids.

Copeify Technology - Topics
Copeify Technology - Cope Meter

Key Features of Copeify

  • Develops trust with a private and profile-free app

  • Effectively tracks progress and moods with CopeIQ

  • Provides a secure space to chat with experts from their school or community through CopeConnect

  • Massively scans, filters, and personalizes enriching content tested to build coping skills in nine areas

  • Uses Patriapps AI and delivery architecture (Painly AI) for intelligent user experience

  • Patent-pending “BleachID” personalizes content and measurement without storing PII information of any members on the server

Copeify Technology - CopeConnect+


Schools, universities, and facilities can provide anonymous support directly to their communities through 1-1 chat in-app chat

Provide support to students anywhere, anytime

With CopeConnect+, members can anonymously connect with an outside therapist

Copeify Technology - Artificial Intelligence, Painly

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning delivers a consumable source for self-measurement

Connects disparate nodes of structured and unstructured content

continually provides healthy content and filters out media that’s fake or unhelpful

Copeify Technology - Mental Health Management

Mental Health Management

360 view into the coping capacity of your community

insights and oportunities to improve existing counseling services

Escalate issues within your community when necessary


Copeify builds on all domains of resilience to build coping skills in teens