Empower low-income schools with the science of coping


When you become a sponsor, you help at-risk schools get free access to the only platform that builds coping skills using AI and human intelligence. Provide up to 10,000 free licenses for students at schools that qualify as low-income.

Sponsor one of Copeify’s 10 channel topics to align your brand with students taking action to better their mental and physical health.



of teens are worried about mental health


A survey by the Pew Research Center found that most teens view anxiety and depression as a major issue among their peers. Schools can’t keep up with this rising demand, but Copeify makes health services accessible by scaling counseling services across the country.

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Foundational Sponsorship


Become a Copeify flagship partner and make coping skills in schools more accessible. Gain early access visibility in the app and bring Copeify to schools in need.

Foundational Sponsorship includes:

  • 3-month or 1-year exclusive brand placement on 1 of 10 Copeify topics. Learn more about the 10 topics →

  • Up to 200 free student licenses for schools that qualify as low-income or at-risk

  • Logo placement on the Copeify app, website, newsletter, and quarterly press release

  • Bi-annual reports on sponsorship impact within low-income schools

  • 20 Copeify member licenses to build your own community

*Only 10 placements available. Contact us for early access 2020 pricing.


Promote your brand & transform health for the next generation

Teens are struggling, but you can help to reverse this trend. Sponsors gain valuable brand visibility on a Copeify channel topic that’s seen by students, schools, and administrators.

Copeify organizes information around topics of interest for teens. Members browse topics as they learn about health.

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Give the power of resilience students across the U.S.

Copeify aims to deliver healthy content and build coping skills in all students, not just in the school systems that can afford it.

Your sponsorship activates free Copeify licenses for schools and universities that qualify as low income.


Why sponsor?



Teens see mental health as one of the most pressing issues of their time. Sponsorship puts your brand front and center of this critical conversation.


Designed to become more personalized the more time teens spend in the app, your brand has a unique opportunity to engage each time a member logs in.


Counseling services are a financial burden for every school, especially those that need it most. Sponsorship gives Copeify for free to at-risk students.


Copeify delivers support in 10 key areas of coping for teens. Learn more about the areas of coping and sponsor one today.

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“The conditioning and curating of adolescence in the Information Age is vastly different today than any other generation.  We have designed a healthier and safer mobile environment for our youth to grow and overcome the most timelessness challenges of growing up.  Our partners are our fuel to bring this medium to the world at scale.”

— Drew Bartkiewicz, Founder & CEO of Patriapps